Paintball reality TV? That would be brilliant!

by michael on September 4, 2010

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Reality Paintball

Is Big Brother still going these days? Has it been axed yet? We’re not big fans of lazy reality TV round these parts (as we’ve mentioned before) but then, who is? A recent survey unveiled the shock revelation that, believe it or not, viewers want to see far less of the reality and celebrity driven drivel and way more of the drama and documentaries on their boxes.

However Top Gear was named the favourite show my the same participants. I didn’t think it was possible to have any more Top Gear on our televisions?

However, the smart folk at have created just what we’ve been waiting for: the world’s first reality video game. No, not some kind of futuristic take on Halo, but really just an online ‘Big Brother’ style house where the ‘viewers’ decide what happens next.

Unsurprisingly, the idea comes from the same recession-trashing folks behind the genius, and as such, the house is filled with 20 paintball guns. All remote controlled by viewers. Getting involved is simple too – I’m pretty sure you download an app which brings up a straightforward interface, from where you can track down and fire upon the unsuspecting ‘internet celebrities’.

A little touch of genius to start your weekend off with I’m sure you’ll agree.

  • Lydia

    omg what a hilarious idea! if only they brought that to the big brother house. maybe the ratings would go up around the world…

  • Cupid_psyche25

    I totally agree… It will be a big twist inside the big brothers house. And I would want it to happen in a small room so we can see more actions. For me it’s not hilarious idea but a brilliant idea for the viewers.

  • Cdark85

    Cool picture! Hope it was a video clip so I can see the direct hit (head shot). 
    I must say that I totally agree with the title that it will be brilliant idea to have it on a reality TV and let Paris Hilton and other sexy gals do the shooting. That will make the ratings increase in a second.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds awesome! I played with a robot that was controlled via the internet and shot paintballs once, would be much more fun with living targets! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Haha awesome, they would have to go around with headgear on all the time 😀

  • Anonymous

    I just hope that the people you get to shoot at are politicians.

  • Margarett

    I think it’s brilliant and hilarious at the same time. The picture speaks itself… Very creative and imaginative! By the way who took the picture?
    Paint Ball forever!

  • Marvin Agustin

    Flying shooter hits the guy in the head…that’s hilarious! And I wonder what will be the next move of the woman on the right side of the picture… Will she stop the guy or throw the cup to the shooter? Awesome picture!

  • Artcafe34

    I’ll go with reality paintball tv and I will name it who will hit the head first?…
    For sure people will love this idea and it will be the first in national tv.

  • Cedric

    I think she will throw the cup on the shooter and will do the Charlie’s Angels thing. Anyways love the picture and all I can say if paintball will be on TV as a reality show it will be something worth my time watching for.

  • Raymond

    Nahh! You’re wrong about that dude! I think she will grab her paintball gun and shoot at the guy not the shooter. Anything will do for me as long as I can shoot and shoot! Yeah that’s my life! GO paintball!

  • Adam

    World wide news will happen after the launch of the reality TV show of paintball. ( that’s for sure) Maybe even guineas book of record will be there as well. I don’t know whether it will earn negative feedback or positive feedback from the audience but surely it will have high ratings.

  • Chris

    Because of this post. My friends and I plan this weekend to rent an abandon house to make a schedule battle of paintball. Thanks bedlampaintball for the idea!

  • War Freak

    Anyone wants to schedule a battle? We are from Chicago and just tell us the place maybe we can arrange something so we can have a team battle of paintball. Deal? Don’t worry, we won’t let you win.

  • Matrix

    They are from the matrix. As you can see the guy is flying in slow motion. LoL
    And the guy who got hit is truly an alien (What an imagination heheheh)
    Love the creativity of the picture.

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