4 Downright Sneaky Paintball Tricks to Help You Win

by michael on April 8, 2011

in Paintball Tactics

They might not earn any respect from the opposition, but we’ve learned a handful of tips and tricks which, if used in moderation, can keep even the newest of newbs in the game for that little bit longer. I’ve given my Top 5 Dirty Paintball Tricks before, but this is a few extra for those of you who like to pull out some unexpected moves from time to time. Make sure whatever you’ve got planned is allowed at the venue you’re playing and, if so, party on.

Hidden in plain site

Some call this manoeuvre ‘tree walking’, which sounds a little new age for me. It’s an incredibly simple, yet very effective move which can leave the opposition confused and, hopefully, covered in paint. It works like this:

You’re stuck behind a tree or a bunker and you’re getting rained on with paint. If the angle’s right and the person or people firing are right in front of your cover, then you have the opportunity to move backwards away from the bunker or tree, but still maintaining complete cover. You can be in completely open ground but as long as there is something in-between you and the enemy, then they will assume you’re still standing right behind it. This gives you the chance to find a better spot and flank them!

Balls of steel

This move is a very sneaky adaptation of the above tip. It won’t earn you any cool points (and it definitely might not work) but in the right context it could easily win you a game. Say you’re heavily outnumbered and stand no chance of winning, like paintballs are coming at you from everywhere. Simply walk. Don’t stick your hand up and say ‘I’ve been hit, I’m out’, but make out as if you have. Hang your head, maker by your side, and start walking towards the ‘out’ zone. Don’t lie, just let them assume you’ve failed. Once you’re past the enemy, game on!

Have you met my friend, Mr Ghillie?

The ultimate dirty trick in paintball has to be the Ghillie suit. Popularised by hunters and then military snipers, it is designed to blend you in to the surroundings, leaving only your barrel poking out. The human eye is designed to recognise outlines and silhouettes, so as long as you don’t resemble a recognisable human shape, then the opposition should look right past you. Obviously you can’t move, or let anyone see you get into position, but if you can pull of a Ghillie, then there’s nothing to stop you sniping out the whole team.


Just like that Jimmy Carr TV show, the art of distraction can work a treat in paintball too. A common trick to try and use towards the start of a game is to use three quarters of your team to distract the opposition, whilst the rest sneak round the side to nab their bunker. Most team naturally split in attack and defence, so if most of your team attacks the enemy, it will most likely overwhelm then into hiding behind stuff, giving your own small crack unit the opportunity to sneak up on them completely unnoticed hopefully.

Give these a shot next time you play and let us know how you get on!

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