5 things never to do in a paintball game

by michael on July 23, 2010

in Paintball Tactics

John Rambo

Following on from yesterday’s top tactical tips, obviously there will be newbies at the opposite end of paintball experience spectrum. Coming up with ideas of how players can improve their game and stay in the action for longer made me realise that there are a lot of things people just shouldn’t do too.

First of all don’t break the rules, or your self; apart from that though, here are 5 nuggets of wisdom to adhere to the next time you’re about to strap on your overalls.

1. That picture above, that’s not you. That’s John Rambo, the Vietnam vet. Whatever you do, bury deep the temptation to re-enact any scenes from any of his movies, and don’t ever unload a whole hopper of paintballs in the general direction of the opposition (whilst roaring at no one in particular). When you next play paintball you’ll be given a set of basic rules to follow. Even though the “John Rambo Rule” probably won’t be in the page, consider it an unwritten but fiercely frowned upon faux pas.

2. It might sound obvious, and a little like the first point, but don’t overshoot. Ration your paintballs and fire only when you think you’ve got a good shot of splatting the dude. Not only will this make you a more focussed (and feared) player, but it will keep you going for longer. Unlike your trigger-happy team-mate who’ll be empty in the first 5 minutes.

3. Don’t cheat. This goes for life as well as paintball. When you get hit, don’t wipe it off until you’re allowed to. Step out of the game admirably and cheer on from the sidelines. Also, every game has it’s own objective, so stick to it and don’t make up your own plan! If you simply have to cheat though, go and play chess with a four-year-old or something.

4. Don’t be the bully. Sure it’s fun to get few extra shots on someone when the opportunity arises, but that doesn’t mean unloading half a hopper on your mate that’s just tripped over a tree stump. However, this rule doesn’t always apply to stag parties…

5. Don’t take it too seriously. This is a game, played in Bedlam Game Zones, so have fun and, whatever you do, don’t be a sore loser. Whatever happens at paintball stays at paintball, so don’t hold a grudge all the way home if you don’t come out as Top Gun.

Oh and of course, don’t ever do something as stupid as this.

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