5 Ways to Learn Everything You Need to Know About Paintball

by michael on February 1, 2011

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Paintball questions answered!

We all now how great paintball is, and how it’s exciting but also good exercise blah blah blah, but a lot of newbies might be wondering how to properly get into the game and get cracking with some playing?

Well I’d usually suggest going online and browsing through different websites, or even just emailing or calling your nearest venue and running any questions by them, but really – I think you should just book a day with a trusted paintball venue and enjoy yourself! Their website (please don’t book anywhere that doesn’t at least have a detailed website with a phone number) should have a paintball FAQ section if you want to check out the basics.

However, before you book anything here’s a few things every paintball player should know before they strap on their gear for the first time.

Find out if any of your mates have played before

Go on Facebook and either just update your status to ask who’s played paintball and how they found it or, if you’re feeling brave, start an event and invite people to join you on your first ever paintball mission. Then choose a venue, date and away you go.

Is paintball a dangerous game?

No. Just because markers look like guns, that doesn’t (a) make paintball dangerous or (b) mean that it’s a war game or extreme sport. It’s much more like living out your favourite action movie, or escaping from the real world for a day to enjoy the adrenalin rush and role playing scenario games.

Can anyone play paintball?

Absolutely. 100%. You don’t need any experience whatsoever and you don’t even need to be particularly fit. It’s usually set in woodland terrain though, so as long as you’re happy running around taking cover behind bunkers and fallen trees etc, then you’re more than able to enjoy paintball.

All good paintball venues are ran by trained safety marshals

Just like on the websites, don’t book to play at a venue that isn’t properly staffed. Over the phone ask questions like ‘What’s your insurance policy?’, ‘How many first aiders will there be on site on that day?’ and ‘What’s your safety record?’. Any paintball venue worth its salt won’t hesitate to answer your questions and put your mind completely at ease.

Does paintball hurt?

Probably the most common paintball question. I wrote a post all about does paintball hurt or not and, honestly, it doesn’t. When you get hit it’s like a short sting which is gone in a second…though it might leave you covered in paint! Seriously though, unlike a lot of game and hobbies, with paintball you’re lucky in that you can just book and day or an afternoon at a venue and let a team of traine professionals sort everything else out for you. You don’t need gear or experience or even much money. Perfect!

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