Paintball Christmas Party

by michael on December 13, 2010

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Office Christmas party

There are just under 2 weeks to go until Christmas so, if you’ve not sorted it yet, that doesn’t leave much time to organise your office Christmas party! It might seem plenty time but, as we all know, it’s a busy time of year and time has a tendency to fly when you least expect it.

Obviously there are countless options for where to have your office party, from in the office itself (dull) to in the nearest pub or hotel (predictable and, again, dull), so we’d like to put paintballing forward as the solution to this festive problem. Sure it’s not your everyday office party, but the fun elements of paintball and the solid team-building and problem-solving nature of the game all add up to make the perfect Christmas office party.

The key to a memorable and well-run office party is organisation, so, now that the snowy weather is largely gone, here’s a wee checklist of things to sort to get the ball rolling.

1. Sort out your budget. If this means harassing that bloke from finance or reminding your boss to check what’s left of the year’s budget, then do it. The more money available, the more chance everyone can get involved.

2. Next on the list is location. This is what most people will care about, as in winter busy colleagues don’t want to be stranded miles from home when it’s starting to get dark. Thankfully though, a paintball site can be booked throughout the day (often with exclusive site use too), so no problems there. What’s more, if you do plan a big evening paintball party, then minibus or two is all you need to factor into travel costs. Using your office as the starting point, simply find your nearest paintball site and give them a call.

3. Choose a theme. This isn’t always necessary but, for some reason, Christmas parties often have a theme running through them. We think ‘paintball’ is a good enough theme but, if you must, I’m sure you could think of something equally suitable.

4. Food and drink. Can the paintball site or venue organise any food for your party? Will you need caterers or will a nearby gastro pub do the trick? During the festive time of year, most colleagues will probably be looking forward to having a few drinks afterwards, along with something to nibble on, so that should definitely be apriority.

5. Transport. Finally, decide how everyone is expected to get to the venue and give everyone adequate notice. If it’s not near your office building then consider booking taxis or a mini bus or two, as everyone will thank you when they don’t have to worry about getting home after a drink or two!

6. Have fun!

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