A review of two very different paintball advertisements

by michael on January 17, 2011

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Bud Light paintball advert

Two different drinks. Two different styles of TV advert. One common denominator. Paintball.

I spotted the latest Bud Light TV ad when I was browsing through YouTube last night (actually looking for entirely non-paintball related stuff). I really like it and, just as I did when I watched the EuroMillions paintball advert I mentioned last year, I found myself wishing that paintball could sometimes be this ridiculous!

Of course, they probably (for extra ‘coolness’) conveniently forgot to throw their actors a couple of masks or helmets. We certainly don’t condone that kind of carelessness here at Bedlam HQ…

When the clip finished, it immediately brought up one of those ‘but you also might like these’ lists, which is where I came across the Powerade version of paintball. You know those car ads that use everything from rain and oil to semi-naked women and crumbling warehouses to make their cars look edgy, cool and, strangely enough, sexy? Well this seems to be the energy drink equivalent. A bit of classical music and slow motion shots of all sorts of things kicking off at once. In the background is one guy though, suppin’ on his thirst quenching energy drink. It’s obvious this guy will definitely save the day thanks to all the spare energy he has and stuff. Funnily enough, he uses very little of that energy as, unlike his supposed team mates who are running around taking the brunt of the attack, he simply levels up his marker and shoots the opposition in the back. Not sure what sort of message this is trying to give?

I don’t know about you, but both of these fail in generating any interest from me in their products but totally succeed in advertising how awesome paintball is.

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