Advanced Tools for Your Paintball Toolbox

by Anna on May 29, 2012

in Paintball Gear

As promised on her previous article that discusses Basic Tools for Paintball, Anna @BedlamPaintball now discusses the advanced tools for your Paintball toolbox.

Advanced tools are best described as tools that are marker-specific or are tools that are used for working on items like air systems, which I don’t recommend unless you’re a certified tech for them.

Strap Wrench: 

These handy little items are THE way to remove a regulator from a bottle.  Basically just a metal handle with a rubber strap, they allow you to get a good hold on a round item like an air tank, and they’re flexible enough to easily remove a regulator.  However, please note that this is an operation best left to a certified tech.  Strap Wrenches are great for removing LPR’s from the front of a marker.

Marker-Specific tools: 

WDP is known for selling a tool kit specifically for working on Angels.  If you have any pretensions of working on your Angel, you’ll need the tool kit, which includes an LPR gauge, an LPR piston extractor, and a ram tool, which allows you to adjust the ram in your pre-G7 series Angel.  Other markers have their own specific tools, like the Autococker’s jam nut tool, which allows you to remove the jam nut that holds the valve in place. Find out what, if any, specific tools you need for your marker and keep them in your toolbox.


If you plan on firing your marker while you’re working on it, or tweaking a setting, a muffler is a great way to keep the noise down and keep the police from knocking on your door.  Centerflag Products makes a system called the “Ninja” which can adapt to fit any marker out on the market today.

Miscellaneous Items: 

Of course you’ll want to keep lube for your marker in your toolbox, be it Love Juice for WDP markers, or DOW 33 and 55 for Smart Parts and Bob Long Markers, as well as synthetic airgun oil for everyday lubing of orings.

You’ll also want to keep spare parts in your toolbox, like orings, ball detents, and other items that are known to go bad at the worst time in your specific marker.

Cleaning items like cotton swabs, paper towels, and rubbing alcohol are also handy to have in your toolbox to clean up stubborn messes that can accumulate on and in your marker over the course of time.


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