Alright ‘fess up, who complained?

by michael on September 7, 2010

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EuroMillions Paintball Advert

Just read this post from the Guardian’s Media Monkey about the awesome EuroMillions advert I blogged about a few weeks back. What made the advert so good was it’s reckless, slap-dash use of fantasy, and it definitely had a good dose of ‘the ultimate lads weekend’, which reminded me a lot of the ‘If Carlsberg made…’adverts.

However, someone had to try and spoil it didn’t they? Two people (fair to say probably not EuroMillions winners) complained that the point-blank shot to a man’s ‘groin area’ could cause injury. Whilst this is true, and we wouldn’t recommend you try this particular stunt at home, the complainants were presumably perfectly happy with the advert’s other possible dangers, like high-speed jet ski beach landings, abseiling, low-altitude helicopter flying and venomous snakes?

Missing the joke perhaps?

  • Chris

    It was a great ad. Some people just have no sense of humour…

  • Anonymous

    Hey! There is nothing funny about getting shot in the nuts! Belive me! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    But paintball is destroying the future of our youth! ;D

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately i know what you mean… xD

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