Becoming a Paintball Pro

by Anna on June 9, 2012

in Paintball Information

It’s human nature that people want to be better at everything they do, this includes when you start playing paintball. Anna @BedlamPaintball gives you tips on how paintball Pros do it so you too can become an expert paintballer yourself.

Buy, Borrow or Rent Paintball Movies

paintball proYou can learn a lot by watching videos of pro teams playing. Always be asking why the player chose a certain move. Try to anticipate what they will do next. If you can do that, you’re starting to think like a pro.  You may check the Bedlam’s Favorite Paintball Movies.

Watch How the Good Teams Play

No superstar can outperform a team that acts like a well-oiled machine. Go to local tournaments and watch how team members interact. A good team player will follow the game plan, play fair, and support their team members. Watch the part each person plays in the execution of the game plan. See if you can figure out what the game plan is as the play progresses.


becoming a paintball proLater, when you have a few games under your belt, volunteer to referee at your local field. This is the fast way to becoming an expert paintball player, as you are able to observe not only the great players’ methods, but all the newbie mistakes, too.

Pay Attention to the Experts, Not to the Know-it-alls Online

All in all, paintball information can be found easily and quickly, especially online. Just remember to go to the experts for help (books, e-books, magazines, forum leaders, pro players, etc.) and to stay away from the newbie-talk and ramblings of know-it-alls that fill many of the forums.

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