Can paintball’s Olympic dreams come true?

by michael on August 31, 2010

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London 2012 Olympics

Hmmmm, the London 2012 Olympics are getting perilously close and as yet we’ve still to see paintball added to the list of sports. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my our part, and maybe it’s just a bitter determination to do everything we can to spread the good paintball word and get the sport all the recognition it deserves, but either way – it’d be nice to see paintball go proper global.

As a sport, there are many different elements, tactics, skills and approaches that each style of paintball uses and, we think anyway, that this would make it a superb addition to the big O-Games, but unfortunately it’s not up to us!

It seems it’s not only us who are debating this hot topic, and there’s even a Facebook group dedicated to the cause (go join it, cough cough).

What are your thoughts? Is paintball ready to cut the mustard next to the big guns? Think there’s any chance we could see our beloved pastime take London by storm in summer 2012?

  • Steve

    No, I don’t think paintball would make it to the Olympic Games. Maybe the Military Games…. (although that kind of would create a war :p)

  • Shenme

    If the UK has another Commonwealth Games, you could probably lobby it then. When Malaysia held the Commonwealth Games, they added 10 pin bowling to the list!

  • Anonymous

    Would be great fun to watch. Like E-sports but thousand times better 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Well hopefully it would inspire the worlds militarys to use paintballs instead of sharp munitions :). Wars would be so much fun!

  • Anonymous

    Would be so great to watch if they used gun and/or helmet cams! 😀

  • Mrjay

    I feel what you mean. I also would love to see this as part of the 2012 Olympics. Do you know of any group who supports this request to the Olympics? Or any site so that we can support them as well.

  • Rick

    Paintball is a serious sport just like basketball and other sports. As like you said it has different elements like tactics and skills. Plus the fact that it is fun to watch people with experience fight.

  • Jryorge

    Let’s just cross our fingers and pray. I don’t know what their process in the Olympics but they should consider it or else well shoot them with paint ball.

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