Classic Paintball Strategies

by michael on April 18, 2011

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Paintball strategies

When sports and activities develop through time, so too do the strategies and tactics that become synonymous with them. In football it’s the 4-4-2, in basketball it’s probably the 5-man-weave and in paintball, well, you’re spoiled for choice. Many of paintball’s key strategies have been adopted from other sports but a lot of them have also been lifted from classic military manoeuvres, but simplified to keep the tactical action fun and easy to follow. The next time you’re off paintballing with your pals, try a few of these moves when you get the chance – hopefully you’ll get some good results!


The absolute most basic paintball strategy there is. Flanking is more of a movement for the whole team, and here’s how it works. You’ve probably heard the term used in action or cop movies (“go round the side and flank them..” etc) and it’s as simple as it sounds – it just means to have as many shots aimed at you target as possible. If you approach the opposition in a group, then not only will it be easier for them to hit you all, but it also limit’s the angles from which you can all hit them. So by splitting up and approaching the enemy from all sides, you stand a much better chance of surviving and also getting some quality shots in.

The Pincer Movement

This is the counter-manoeuvre to the typical flank, and it works by targeting as many of the opposition’s flanking ‘soldier’ as possible simultaneously. By doing this, your enemy’s attention will be splintered and they won’t have time to come up with a new attack method. There are a number of factors you need to take advantage of though to carry out an effective pincer movement as, without them, the opposition’s flanks will simply destroy you.

Be very quick, advance from bunker to bunker, communicate clearly with your team and, if possible, work in duos whilst deploying suppressive fire on the enemy’s flanks – as this will keep the stream continuous without either of you running out of paintballs.

Leap Frogging

Another ancient military tactic, which you’ve probably seen or done before without even realising it. Before the game starts establish a small series of hand gestures to signify meanings such as ‘move forward’, ‘get down’, ‘go round the side’ etc and then simply take turns to advance whilst the other half of the team provides cover fire. When you see this down well, it’s very impressive as the players flow past each other in one continuous movement: always advancing and always firing. Much better than the amateur method of everyone firing, everyone trying to move forward at the same time, everyone getting hit.

Scenario-based strategies

Always remember to look out for any opportunities a game might present to you too. This wasn’t my idea but one good move I read about for any kind of ‘Capture The Flag’ style game is to identify your team’s three fastest runners – and then disarm them. As soon as the whistle goes it is their job to sprint as fast as they can towards the flag. With all three of them running simultaneously there will be little chance of your opposition being able to hit all of them, plus it’ll be a massive surprise for them! Obviously expect sour grapes with a move like this but, if winning’s your only objective, then you can’t deny how brilliantly simple this is!

Best of luck with these and let us know on Facebook if you have any luck with them!

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