D-Day marked with record-breaking paintball battle

by michael on June 30, 2011

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Oklahoma D-Day Paintball Battle

Image courtesy of paintballphotography.com

A little late this, but I’ve just read about it and thought it was a brilliant idea so decided to share it. June 6th marked the 67th anniversary of D-Day, when German-occupied France was invaded by allied troops; which turned World War II around completely. This significant date is remembered each year not least because of the brave soldiers who fought to change the course of history, but this year something special happened in Oklahoma which would’ve been great fun to be part of.

Armed, briefed and ready to fight their own battle, over 3,000 troops gathered in a rugged 800-acre park in Oklahoma; each prepared to face some action. Fortunately though this battle didn’t need the forces of war behind it, as it was powered solely by paintballs.

In what was undoubtedly one of the largest paintball battles ever played, the thousands of people who took part even relived many of the key events which saw 6th June 1944 become one of the most important days in history. Firing only paintballs, and relying on pyrotechnics for cover, the battle was split between an Allied side and a German side, with a smaller group representing the French Resistance.

Apparently this isn’t the first time Oklahoma has played host to large-scale commemorative paintball battles either; as the tradition was created in 1997 by Dwayne Convirs, to honour his Granddad who was a combat engineer who fought at Normandy on D-Day.

The first version of this D-Day re-enactment drew a respectable 135 players, but other years have seen as many as 15,000 people show up to rural Oklahoma, all to have fun and pay their respects.

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