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Do paintballs fly far?

How to bridge the gap?

Hmmm, good question. We get asked this now and again on-site and the truthful answer is a simple ‘yes’. In many cultures around the world it’s custom to fire your pistol or rifle into the air in either celebration, intimidation or commemoration, but the downside to this is, of course, that actual bullets fly for miles and are therefore incredibly dangerous. Paintballs thankfully don’t have anywhere near the velocity (or risk) so you can normally judge where they’re going to land and how far you can fire accurately.

I had a quick look online and, so far, Guinness doesn’t seem to acknowledge paintball with many official records (they seriously need to get on the case here!) but it did get me thinking about how far a paintball can be fired accurately. When I say accurately, I mean ‘can it hit a target?’.

Here’s the best example I could find – know any better ones out there guys?

When it comes to what gear works best for long-distance firing, the options are literally endless. Specifically designed paintball sniper rifles, like the RAP4 T68 or Frostbite, will certainly fire a lot further than your average marker, but you pay the price when it comes to manoeuvrability and stealth. However, a decent marker (like almost any Tippmann) can usually be upgraded, modified and customised to suit your playing style, so there’s often nothing stopping you from adding a few extra metres on to your striking distance. Obviously though, modified markers aren’t always allowed onto paintball sites; so weigh up your priorities.

However, game zones aside, there’s no denying how cool it would be to have a go on one of these.