Do paintballs wash out easily?

by michael on November 11, 2010

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Clean washing line

I know most people who read this blog are mainly scenario paintball players, so the chances are sites will supply you with full-body overalls or jumpsuits. However I’ve been covering a few aspects of paintball recently that are aimed at club or team players, who might often play at organised events and tournaments, so this one’s for them

It’s a pretty common paintball FAQ to be honest, as the idea of getting splattered with paint all day will probably get most clean freaks a little concerned about their dry-cleaning bills, but fear not. Paintballs aren’t usually made from actual paint (with the exception of a small handful of tournament-grade, high quality paintball brands, which aren’t readily available that easily anyway) and they are designed to wash out with little more than soap and hot water.

Back when the sport was first introduced paintballs were actual balls of paint, used to mark trees and cattle originally, but since it took off they’ve been upgraded to a mix of mild vegetable oils, food dyes, mineral oils and gelatine for the most part…all of which are washing machine friendly.

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