Does paintball hurt?

by michael on September 21, 2010

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Does paintball hurt?

Stubbing your toe, biting your tongue, getting waxed (apparently) and walking into a lamppost: these are all things that hurt. But should paintball be added to that list too? As Macaulay Culkin said in home Alone, I don’t think so. In our ongoing series of delving deep into paintball’s most asked questions, like “is paintball a sport?“, here’s our thoughts on whether or not paintball packs a painful wee nip.

Though getting hit by a paintball does indeed come with its own unique type of sting, pain certainly isn’t the sensation here. No, it’s hard to give a decent comparison to what it feels like when a paintball catches you off guard, but imagine something somewhere in between knocking your funny bone or getting hit by a particularly colourful, angry egg.

Fired at a safe speed (300 fps or less), a paintball will usually leave a bruise, but thanks to the way the gelatinous ball gives a little before bursting, a paintball’s bark it certainly far worse than its bite.

Of course I’ve mentioned before what clothing you should wear to play paintball in and, when it comes to reducing the slugger’s impact, a little bit of padding never goes a miss. Thankfully most places either provide jumpsuits to play on, or at least recommend that you add an extra layer of old clothes to prevent any unwanted bruises popping up. Take this advice, as bare skin isn’t a good surface to stop a determind paintball with.

You don’t have to worry one bit about your face though, as goggles or even a full face helmet will cover that and, if you get the chance, always opt for protective gloves too. A wrap across the knuckles isn’t what you want from a day’s paintball!

As long as you’re prepared and resist the temptation to shoot anyone from close range then, whether your enemies will appreciate it or not, paintball doesn’t have to be a pain in the backside. Or arm. Or shoulder.

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