Ever thought about packing a paintball pistol?

by michael on October 1, 2010

in Paintball Gear

Tippmann TPX paintball pistol

Okay so you bought the extra hopper of paintballs and double-checked how many you had left before going on that mad dash for the other team’s flag but now, somehow, you’re almost at empty. Bad times. The sad fact is that the average modern hopper can only really hold about 10 – 15 seconds worth of paintballs, so it’s no surprise that players often get caught short. However, there is a solution. What do all the great movie action heroes have in common? They all get shot in the shoulder? Yeah that’s true, but I was meaning something else. They all pack a pistol for emergencies. Whether it’s strapped to their calf, duck-taped to their back ala John MacLean or side tucked neatly into a low-slung holster, a pistol is what the smart guys turn to when the big toys have run out of juice.

When it comes to tournament paintball, pistols have caused a bit of a shake-up to the industry too. Not only have they given the savvy players that extra edge when deep in competition, but they’re also totally unexpected. If the opposition think you’re hemmed in and as good as tagged, just imagine their faces when you pull out a hand-marker and start Magnum PI-ing the place.

There are a few decent models available (but like all paintballing equipment, they’re growing in popularity almost by the day), with our favourites Tippmann manufacturing the TPX which seems to have the best range on the market.

Paintball pistols eh, very ‘handy’.

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