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by Anna on April 27, 2012

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Throwing a party and want it to be extra special and memorable? Why not go paintballing? Anna @BedlamPaintball gives you different parties/events where you can play paintball.

Corporate Paintball

paintball eventsYou need both brain and brawn to win a paintball game.  If you can do a matrix dodge or run like the flash, you definitely have a good leverage in winning but that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to win. The best thing about paintball is that you need to think and work as a team to be able to win. Because of this, the corporate world turned to paintball as a fun team building activity for their employees. Paintball gives an opportunity to employees to move, think, and work as a team; similar attitude that CEO’s want their employees to do when they are in the workplace.

Birthday Party

paintball eventsBlowing your birthday candle is fun but blowing a paintball in your friends’ face (or mask, for this matter) is twice as fun.  Make your birthday extra special this year by playing an action-packed game of paintball. You can play different scenario games and have a specially prepared lunch after that. Of course, you can bring your birthday cake if you really don’t want to skip blowing your candle this year. Your friends will surely never forget your birthday ever again.


School Party  

paintball eventsLike Corporate Team Building Paintball, paintballing also gives an opportunity to students to think and work with other people. There are definitely some things that are better learned outside of school and one of that is to become a leader and a team player. There are special packages prepared by paintball game zones for this type of party; simply call and book in advance so that game scenarios will be prepared. With this activity, students will get their body and mind working while having a blast.


Stag Party / Bridal Shower

paintball eventsA sexy dancer popping out of a cake or a hunk cop arresting the bride-to-be is so cliché. Why not make your stag party or bridal shower different. Instead, why don’t you and your friends go paintballing and play different scenario games like Stagecoach standoff or Drop Zone. You can even arrange a special scenario game or probably request a prank played on the bride or groom-to-be. The possibilities are endless, you just need to be creative and ask the staff to assist you. You’ll surely get your friends talking about your one-of-a-kind stag/hen party.

Fun Days Out

paintball eventsIf you have a visitor from outside town, you definitely want them to have a memorable time. So instead of bringing them to the malls or bars (which they surely have at home), why not arrange a game of paintball for them. They will surely appreciate it and will definitely remember this even after years they left your place.



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