Funny Paintball Jokes

by Anna on May 24, 2012

in Bedlamonium

Paintball is about teamwork, strategy, and most importantly.. FUN! Anna @Bedlam Paintball gathered these funny paintball jokes for you.

Some people see paintball as a game that promotes violence because of the gun-replicas that are used in the game. Let me tell you that paintball is far from that. In fact, paintball is a sport which aims to develop camaraderie and teamwork among players. In fact, it’s no surprise when acquaintances become best buds even after a single round of paintball. Personally, I find the after-game as the best part because it is when people discuss what happened, laugh at each others mistakes, shares tips and techniques, and tell jokes. Here are some funny paintball jokes that was told and sent to me by my paintball buds.

funny paintball photo

funny paintball photo

paintball funny photo

paintball funny photo

Note: Bedlam Paintball or the author do not own and claim the rights of these images.. No copyright infringement intended. These were sent to the author thru email.


  • Jadon Sanders

    hahahahahah omfg that made me lol

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