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Google Paintball? Where do I sign up?

Google Paintball

It’s been one of those weeks yeah? Glad it’s Friday yeah? Itching to get out and enjoy the weekend? Picture the scene. Your boss calls you in to the umpteenth meeting this week, which is as productive as the rest of them, before reminding you that that report needs to be on his desk before 5pm this evening. You’re already running late with a handful of other deadlines and, to make matters worse, it’s your turn to pick up the kids from school.

No, don’t get all Michael Douglas in Falling Down, instead we think we’ve found just the answer in what could possibly be the coolest free desktop stress reliever yet. Yeah it might waste precious time, but it’s the bigger picture we’re looking at here.

Not content with being a global superpower in the internet / smart phone / OS stakes, Google have now branched into paintball. Sort of. One of their latest free Google Gadgets is Stress Relief Paintball and, not surprisingly, it’s set in a pretty typical looking office (not at all like the Google offices then?). Try it for yourself here, we’ve been hooked for about 45 minutes already…