Half man, half machine

by michael on October 4, 2010

in Paintball Gear

Head-Controlled Tank

To finish off this trio of posts about awesome paintball gear, I’m gonna step it up a notch away from the ‘really expensive’ category and into the ‘fully unobtainable’ league. Machine and gatling markers are probably still the ultimate paintball guns (if firepower and intimidation are your thing – not so much when it comes to accuracy or stealth!), but following up from a post or two I wrote on paintball robots, I found this useful little guy on the web.

Obviously stuff like this is purely for fun, as the idea of sending a remote-controlled tank into a paintball battle is completely contradictory to the whole point of the game – getting stuck in, getting the blood pumping, getting messy and having fun.

Still, it could well make our Christmas list…

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