Happy 30th Birthday Paintball!

by michael on June 27, 2011

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Happy Birthday Paintball

According to paintball folklore, the game was invented on 27th June 1981, making it exactly 30 years old today! Time for us all to blow out the candles, gift wrap some paintballs and organise a 30-marker salute in honour of the great game’s thirty years in action.

It’s quite timely actually, as I’ve been talking a lot recently about the future of paintball, and new paintball game zones that are pushing the pursuit further and further into the 21st century; so who knows what paintball could be like in another 30 years?

We know that the weekend’s just been , and hope you were out having fun, but the next time you’re near one of our paintball venues, be sure to drop in to see for yourself just how much Bedlam loves paintball!

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