Heavy-duty markers? It’s all a little bit Terminator.

by michael on October 3, 2010

in Paintball Gear

Image courtesay Gary Baum (paintballphotography.com)

Just the other day I was writing about how ‘handy’ paintball pistols can be and, according to you guys on Facebook, you all seem to agree. Now from one extreme to the other, this YouTube clip couldn’t help but catch my attention.

In the sport, and hands-down best pastime in the world, of paintball, heavy-duty paintball gatling or ‘machine’ markers are a fairly new addition to the family but, thanks to awesome videos like these, they sure won’t stay unnoticed for long. Costly, rare and with a thirst for paintballs that tops even the most die-hard of tournament teams, these phenomenal beasts are probably the coolest thing we’ve yet to see live in the flesh.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for one to try out in the Bedlam game zones as soon as we can but for now, I think it’s fair to say, there’s no marker on the market that can compete with the sheer firepower of the likes of the Browning .30 Calibre tripod-mounted marker.

Intimidating, fearsome and full-metal, in the words of Mr Samuel L Jackson : accept no substitutes.

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