How To Aim Your Gun For A Bullseye

by Oliver on November 12, 2011

in Paintball Tactics

Paintball is as much of a team and strategic sport as it is an accurate one. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, you need to be able to shoot. I’ve been talking a bit about how to use teamwork and how to win, but none of this matters if you aren’t comfortable with the gun you’re holding and have no proper aim. So in this post I’ll get into how to actually hold your gun for pristine accuracy. Let’s get to it.

Depending on the gun

First, we need to look at what gun you have. At Bedlam we use a Tippman 98 Custom Marker. What does this mean? Well, it’s a semi automatic, meaning you can shoot balls fast. You can hold it with one or two hands, as there are two grips.

You’ll also come across other guns, such as automatic guns, which fire paintballs at an even faster rate, and therefore require a little more stability (also don’t waste your bullets!).

Stay Calm

Learn to stay calm in situations where you aim. Staying calm is a key ingredient in getting proper accuracy. If you’re nervous, you’re shaking and your heart is beating fast, your aim will be reduced to luck. You don’t want that. Now, sure, there are times where you need to act quick, but take one or two deep breaths before you do to instantly calm down.

Be a tripod

Stability. You need stability. I don’t care whether you’re on a tree or snaking around in the mud, if you don’t have good stability, your opponent is out of reach! A few tips on stability:

When you’re on the ground, be sure to get one arm in front of the other, and hold your gun with both arms. Keep your head close to your dominant shoulder, look through the sight, and shoot.

When you’re standing, hold your gun with two hands, have legs spread a little wider than usual, bend your knees and drive your weight into the ground so you are as still and grounded as possible. Hold your gun up high, aim and shoot.

Moving Targets

The secret to moving targets is prediction. If your target is moving to the right, you’ll probably predict he’s going to keep moving to the right. Therefore, you aim a little (1-5 millimeters) to the target’s direction of movement and shoot. Watch and laugh how he’ll squeal with the emotional pain of being out.

So these were my tips on good aim. Be sure to remember to keep a lookout (always be aware) if, whilst you are aiming, you are also being aimed at. And every once in a while go for the fun lucky shoot, where you don’t aim and just pull the trigger when you feel like it! Happy shooting!

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