How to hold a paintball marker

by michael on September 29, 2010

in Paintball Tactics

How to hold a paintball marker

Sounds like a fairly straightforward concept right? You pick it up, you aim it a wee bit and, well, you just hold it. But there’s got to be more to it, hasn’t there? I think there is.

How you hold your marker plays a big part in how accurate your shot is, so read on and take notes if you have to. The first thing to do is load your marker up so it is ‘game ready’ i.e. with a full hopper and tank screwed firmly in place. From pointing it towards the ground, bring your am up around ninety degrees; your tank should reach the bend in your arm (ideally).

Next up you need to know what position best suits your firing style. Most people try to align the marker against their shoulder for extra support and, unless you’ve got the wrist muscles of Arnie, I suggest you do the same. Rest the butt of the tank against the meaty bit of your shoulder (or the top of your cheast) and, after taking a couple of practice shots, you should soon see your aim improve a little more.

When it comes to actually aiming at a target though, tilt your head slightly so that the back of the marker is in line with your nose, and keep those elbows pointed downwards; otherwise you’ll just look like a big, silly chicken.

So now you know the absolute best way to hold your marker, what’s next on the paintball 101 lesson plan I wonder?

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