How To Make Paintball 50% More Awesome

by michael on March 15, 2011

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Make Paintball More Awesome

Okay so perhaps you’ve been playing paintball for a while now and you’ve found yourself stuck in a bit of a paintball rut? Don’t worry if so, as it happens to everyone after a playing for a long period of time. Actually, whatever sport or hobby you’re pursuing, the chances are that unless you think of ways to add a bit more excitement to the activity, eventually you might struggle to get the same buzz from it that you once did.

So here’s what to do. You need to deliberately seek out and try new ways to reinvigorate your game and add a bit more drama to your usual playing style. Only you know what might work for you, but try and pick apart how you usually play paintball and, the next time you’re on a field, deliberately avoid all of your tried and tested moves and go for new tactics only.

If you’re struggling to think of how to break up your game a little, or if you’re not sure how to throw yourself into a new style of playing, then here are a few pointers to get your started.

1. Change position

This is by far the easiest way to take you right back to the first time you played paintball! If you’re usually a sniper try and get a forward position in the team, or if you’re usually on attack, try dropping back and defending your base from a bunker. This will instantly give you a totally different perspective on the game and hopefully reenergise your playing. Not only this, but it will also make you a better all-round paintball pro.

2. Get stuck in the middle

Sounds simple but simply take your game and move it into the middle of the playing field. Way too many players are happy either hanging back or manning the sides of the game zone so, to get right in the thick of the action, make sure you’re the guy that isn’t afraid to be right in the middle of play.

3. Take less balls

Might sounds like a recipe for disaster but when it comes to paintballs, most players either take too many or too few onto the field with them. ‘What’s the problem with taking too many??!’ I hear you cry? Well, if you have too many paintballs in your hopper then you’re less likely to make the most of every shot. Reduce the number the next time you go out to play and, mark my words, you’ll cherish every paintball that little bit more and every shot will count. Keep this up and you can expect your accuracy to improve in no time.

Try any one of these tips the next time you’re off to play paintball (or all 3 if you’re feeling bold!) and we guarantee your game will be as exciting as its ever been. So long!

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