How to organise a paintball stag party

by michael on June 24, 2011

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Organising a paintball stag party

Another weekend, another wedding. Or, as I’ve started to call them, another man down. You know it’s summer when the wedding and stag party invites start coming in thick and fast and, thankfully, the weather’s been great for all of them so far this year. But as much as I enjoy a good stag party, I can’t help but notice there’s always one guy who never seems to be having quite as much fun as the rest of the guys: the best man.

They say that you never enjoy your own party as much as your friends do, and anyone that has been in charge of organising and running a stag party for the groom can probably testify to that. What with the speech and being the general crux against which the soon-to-be-wed groom leans on, planning a great weekend with all the boys probably isn’t always as fun as it should be. Plus you’re literally giving your best mate away: hard times.

To make it easier though, here’s our guide to organising the definitive stag party for you and all your mates – even the new father-in-law.

1. Get numbers

Use email for this or, if everyone’s on it, Facebook. Give yourself as much time before the big day as possible – and stress for the guys to each get back to you with a yes or no sharpish.

2. Choose an activity

Choosing a location isn’t usually so hard (unless you’ve been given carte blanche on the budget – Vegas!) but choosing an activity can be tricky. How many people are involved? Is it within everyone’s budget? How will you get there? So many questions. We’re going to use paintball as an example, as we see stag parties come through our gates week after week , all having a roaring time. So if you’re going for a full day’s paintball with the lads, a bit of lunch in the middle and a bit of fancy dress fun throughout (as standard) then get on the phone. You know exactly what you want so call round a few and see who’s ticking the most boxes.

3. This next step is crucial: reviews.

Once you’ve found the venue you like the sound of, get online and start reading reviews of it; this is where you’ll find the real information. Whatever you do, don’t just go for the cheapest option, especially not with something as safety-essential as paintball.

5. Do your research and then get in touch with the venue to book your paintball stag party. Tell them everything they need to know (like if you all simply must play in a single group, for example) and, in return, they will give you all the info you need too.

6. Paintball can be a lot of money

But it should always be worth it. A group of 10 guys playing paintball for the full day will certainly not cost less that £500, and probably nearer £800, but if you’ve chosen a good provider then it will definitely be worth the readies. And look out for any venue that offers you an incredibly low deal only for you to have to pay extra for any actual paintballs…not cool.

On the day, the venue will be ready and expecting your gang and, if you’ve briefed them properly there might even be a couple of games of ‘Hunt the Stag’! Whatever you do though, just make sure you’re in reliable hands when you do it.

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