How to organise the best Mate’s Day Out ever.

by michael on November 5, 2010

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Fun day out with mates!

Without mentioning the festive ‘C’ word, I’m sure everyone’s diaries are slowly but surely starting to fill with nights out and dinners and office parties and all that stuff as the party season approaches. Well, as much as I love December, I’m looking ahead and realise there aren’t going to be many weekends free to just spend hanging out with my mates. I don’t like this.

Sure everyone always says ‘yeah we’ll catch up, do something fun’ but, unless you actually make a plan, I find that weeks or even months can fly by before you even notice. So, this weekend, I’m going to make a plan to catch up with all my mates before we all get bogged down in buying presents and visiting grannies and stuff like that. This got me thinking about all the things that go into organising a great day out. It might be easy and obvious for loads of people, but I’m not particularly organised, so I need to write stuff down. Anyway, we organise loads of paintballing birthday parties and stag weekends, so if you’re not out playing paintball this weekend, here’s a wee guide I’ve written up on how to plan an awesome day out with your mates.

Go on, use it!

Step One: Make it fun. No one likes Monica from Friends because she always seems to zap the fun out of everything (poor ‘friends’). Don’t be like that, be organised but don’t apply rules to having a good time.

Step Two: Get a date sorted. We’re all on Facebook so send a message round everyone who might be up for it. Suggest a few dates to get the ball rolling and, if you have any, throw in a few dates that you definitely can’t do too. Always end this with something like ‘let’s get this sorted by Friday at the latest folks’.

Step Three: Let your imagination go nuts. Think of something you all want to do. Sure you could meet up and go to the pub, or for a kick about or whatever, but why not push the boat out a little? We’re gonna use paintball for this example (obviously) but the point is that if you’re all going to the trouble of sorting an awesome day out, why not make it something new?

Step Four: Confirm. By now the email thread has probably reached preposterous proportions, so whittle down who’s in and who’s out and send round a new email with the full list (plus the obligatory ‘maybes’) and let everyone know what the day involves.

Step Five: Hopefully you’ve given yourself a week or two to plan with. If so, get in touch with the venue ASAP and book it. Most paintball sites will let you book a number of people and then, at the last minute, add on any stragglers. Once this is done, designate drivers. But assure them that they can catch up on any missed beverages afterwards…

Step Six: The little touches. Little things like sorting a lunch plan is a good idea. The place might be able to roll out a BBQ or do sandwiches or something, so give them a ring and find out. Otherwise, get online and find decent reviews for a pub lunch nearby.

Step Seven: The Final Countdown. As the day approaches, verbally contact everyone to double-check that they are still A-okay for showtime. Give everyone the rendezvous point and time, print out any maps if needed and check the postcode on the sat-nav. Confirm with the venue if needed and, finally, remind the stingier ones amongst your mates that they will need to bring some cash with them. Even if it’s just for the kitty afterwards.

And away you go!

If you’re playing this weekend have a blast, and let us know if you put any plans into action folks!

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