How to save money playing paintball

by michael on March 30, 2011

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Save money on paintball

We all know how much fun paintball is and, for a lot of players, it’s an opportunity to cut loose from the real world for a day every few months or so. Playing paintball this infrequently means that it stays a real treat and any cost is more or less absorbed into the whole experience of it. However some players treat paintball as a hobby and as such play very frequently. With all the gear, paintballs and travel that come with the game, it’s not surprising that the cost soon starts to add up for many players. Don’t fret though, as here are few paintball money saving tips.

The right paint

Sure if you’re playing at a nation paintball tournament then it’s best to use high quality paint, like Ultra Evils for example, but if you’re just heading down the local paintball venue for a Saturday’s fun, then don’t waste money on overly expensive paint – as paint’s expensive enough as it is! Most scenario paintball venues will provide their own paintballs for you to use anyway, so you’ll already be saving money thanks to the economies of scale.

How you use your paint

While we’re on the subject of paint, consider carefully how you use it. For most players, the continual cost of paintballs is probably the single most annoying factor of playing regularly: and who can blame them! So instead of just buying more and more and more paintballs every time you go play, why not introduce a cap to each game; as not only will this save you money but it will also train you to be a better player too. Take a couple of games in your day where each player only gets 20 paintballs (for example). Not only will every shot have to count, but you’ll soon start to see exactly where your trigger finger was wasting so many shots before. Another way to do this is to turn off the automatic function if your marker has one, that way you minimise the chance of wasting any paintballs.

Forget brand names

Not completely of course, as markers like Tippmanns should never be overlooked in favour on generic, factory-churned out markers that occasionally flood eBay. Instead though take a look at the essential peripherals that you need to play paintball, and see if you can go for low-cost brands instead of the big boys. When it comes to things like gloves, goggles and jumpsuits, there’s no reason to go spending big bucks.

Share & share alike

If you’re lucky enough to have some spare gear, let your mate use it for an afternoon – a little karma goes a long way. Likewise if you and your mates want to play woodsball or start your own paintball team or club, then invest in paintballs and CO2 in bulk; saving all of you plenty money.

Stay on top of your gear

Keeping your gear clean and well maintained is one of the easiest and most satisfying ways to save money playing paintball. Well cared for gear will last a lot longer and, if you do need to upgrade or buy a new barrel, then you’ll have a far better chance of shifting anything on eBay if it’s in good nick. The same goes for knowing what you need. As there is so much gear available, it can be tempting to splurge money unnecessarily on the latest trend. Don’t do this! Learn to appreciate the gear you’ve got and know how to get the best out of it.

Buddy up

Finally, travelling to paintball venues can often end up being one of the biggest expenditures of the day. Car pool with your mates, and then spend the money you saved on some far more essential supplies!

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