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How to Treat Paintball Welts

Whether you are a pro or a newbie paintballer, you have and most likely will experience some “pain” in PAINtball. But not to worry as Anna @BedlamPaintball give you tips on how to treat paintball welts

I would be lying if I say that playing paintball is painless. I guess it is part of the package when you play the game. Though you could get some paintball welts  and bruises here and there or wake up the next morning with sore muscles, the fun you had is absolutely worth it.

paintball weltsSome testimonial from our guests:

“Hi! Excellent day today… Bit sore now but the fun was worth it! Thanks to all at Bedlam!” Ms. LauraLouise Heeps – May 27, 2012 played at Bedlam Edzell

“Hi guy, just to say again that we had a MAGIC time yestersay at Edzall, a bit sore but worth it, even the stag run, thanks….” Kevin G Smith – April 21, 2012 played at Bedlam Edzell

Why do paintball guns cause welts?
Anytime you are hit very hard you will develop welts underneath your skin. If you are playing to close paintballs can also break the skin.

How to treat paintball welts?
paintball weltsDepending on how deep a welt is, it could last for hours or days. Most people just leave it as is since, though painful, it is definitely non-life-threatening.

The treatment for a welt is most effective right after the injury while the welt is still reddish. To help speed up the healing process, welts can be treated by applying ice to the affected area. To reduce pain and swelling, you may also use natural topical treatments such as Witch Hazel, or keeping the affected area elevated.

Moreover, applying ice or an astringent to a paintball welt can also soothe the itching and burning associated with it.
Welts and bruises that last more than a couple of weeks or are associated with worsening pain and swelling may require medical attention as they may signal an underlying medical condition.

How to avoid or minimize paintball welts?
Keep in mind that the best defense against bruises and welts is to wear the most protective paintball clothing while playing paintball: that means dressing in tough clothing, padding or layers covering your whole body and keeping your mask and helmet on at all times to avoid neck and facial injuries.