How to win a game of paintball

by michael on May 23, 2011

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How to win at paintball
Pssst, want to be let into a secret? It’s possible to win at paintball. Every time. Seriously. Unless bad luck surrounds you or you can’t follow our Golden Rules to Winning*, then there’s no reason why you can’t be top dawg again and again.

* See below.

Now, we can’t vouch for every single different type of scenario paintball game, as these can vary wildly. But it’s safe to make the assumption that many of them are based on the classic ‘Capture The Flag’ format, so to start with we’ll tell you how to tackle games like this. We could go into great detail about game strategies and how best to coordinate your team, but that would take pages and pages. So instead we’re just going to focus on the most important person (you) and assume your team isn’t made up of complete idiots.

Here goes. Ready to be a deadly paintball demon?

Don’t linger

Start with a bang. Even if your team has a well-devised award-winning strategy, move as soon as the horn goes. Spot cover and get behind it, then think about firing a shot. If everyone in the attacking half of the team does this, your opponents will already be at a considerable disadvantage. In flag capturing, time really is the most important factor.

Two men per bunker

Apply this rule and stick to it, unless it’s 100% necessary to do otherwise (I.e. there isn’t enough cover for each duo). This will naturally spread the team out and make a counter-attack virtually impossible. It also create a natural flank from your side, and stops any similar moves from their’s.

Work in tight units

This means essentially bringing the game to you and your attacking partner. You’re both behind a bunker, so forget about the rest of the attacking force and just work between you. One of you supplies cover fire, the other takes the opportunity to move forward. If every attacking pair are doing this, then one of you will get to the flag no probs.

Prepare to branch out

As you get closer to the enemy’s base, the chances are you might need to approach it from side-on. This could be due to excessive defence fire coming from it, or simply because it’s a fort or something, meaning you can’t physically access it from the front. Either way, from your base to their’s, plan your moves from bunker to bunker to a Y-shape. That is, for the first two thirds of the game move relatively straight, and then branch out in either direction as you approach the base. Again, this will naturally flank your opponent too.

Code word at the ready

Agree before the game (a) at what stage someone will make a move for the flag and (b) what code word they will shout just before they do. This means that there wont be lots of players all scrambling towards it with no cover fire helping them out. Also, it means that as soon as every player hears that code word, they can immediately start providing excessive and heavy cover fire on the enemy’s defence. This works incredibly well. Use it.

Get ready to zig zag

The hard bit is done, so now just get back to base with their flag. (Note: if this is a simple kind of ‘storm their base’ game, then the same tactics can be used up until this point, making your teams the winners!). Once you have the flag, make the most of cover fire and start running in a zig zag towards your base. With a little forethought, your own defending players should’ve heard the code word shouted and naturally started moving forwards towards the action. This means that, should the flag-holder get hit on route back, there will be ample defenders there to pick up the flag and finish the job.

Job done.

This might sound too simple, but trust us – it works. Sure there might be the occasional time when you all need to break cover and launch a concentrated attack on someone who makes a go for your flag, but despite this it’s a full-proof strategy that never fails to succeed. We always advocate communication is this game, but this particular method means that communication can actually be kept to a minimum, which only strengthens your attack. A little pre-match discussion is all it really takes to give your team the edge.

Try it out in the Bedlam game zones, win, then let us know how much fun it was to gloat afterwards! Look out for more blog posts covering how to seriously get ahead at paintball. Bedlam’s got your back.

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