How to win a one-on-one paintball game

by michael on May 24, 2011

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How to win a one on one paintball game

Yesterday I told you how to win a paintball game, I hope it will be of some use to you when you’re next in a Game Zone. I know it was only really applicable to either Capture The Flag or Storm The Base themed games though, so today I’m going to branch out and give you the skinny on how to win a one-on-one paintball game.

These are a little rarer in scenario venues, as only two people are allowed in the game zone to play, but they’re great fun and if you get the chance to play one, please do so. You wont regret the adrenalin rush! However that’s not to say that this piece of insider advice cant be useful though, as often a paintball game boils down until there are only two players left…man on man.

So here goes, more Golden Rules To Winning a Paintball Game.

Stay focussed

In a situation like this it’s too easy for a player to panic, seen it happen all too often. There’s a 50/50 chance you’ll win – good odds – so just keep your head and don’t let them out of your sight.

Get your bearings

Drop behind a bunker as soon as the whistle goes, or you find yourself alone on the field with only one other player, and do a recce of your situation. How many paintballs you got left? Enough gas? Fix any problems and basically make sure you and your gear is in top order before making any more moves.


You need to know exactly where the other player is, which is tricky. Assuming you both dropped behind bunkers it’s safe to say either they saw you drop or you saw them drop – so one of you knows where the other one is. If this isn’t you then you need to be sneaky about how you check – don’t just stick your head over the top. Try a simple dummy trick by sticking a spare hopper or jumper out from one side of the bunker whilst you stick half your face outside the other – only enough to find out where they are. With a bit of luck your opponent might even fire a couple of rounds off at your dummy, giving you a slight advantage already.


Once you know where they are, you have three choices:


– Stay put and wait for them to come to you. Not a good idea. Even if you’re in a superb bunker, te very fact that they are on the move means that they will constantly be faced with more options and choices: a luxury you wont have.


– Rapidly move towards them, before dropping behind a bunker if they raise their head. Not a good idea either. Try it and the chances are you might make some decent ground if you’re quiet, but this leaves your options pretty minimal when they do pop up.


– Fire and Switch. The best option. Fire a couple of rounds, then quickly move to the next bunker – even if it’s just a few feet away. This will not only get you gradually closer, but it will hopefully leave them unaware where you are, so their timing, aiming and strategy will all be off. If you’re really lucky, you could even pull the old walking tree trick – that is, lining up your opponent with a tree between yours and their line of sight – so you can either walk significantly closer to them or further away from them without them knowing. Clever, but works well in the wooded Bedlam Game Zones.


Once you’re close enough for either a strike or a final dash to hit them, consider your options carefully – behind cover. By this point you will probably have the natural advantage unless they have been pulling the same strategy. If they have, then the chances are the pair of you will have literally gone round in a circle, but that’s okay, as long as you’ve got to a point of almost no return. You could just go for it, shout ‘Geronimo!’ and unleash everything you’ve got on them. Or you could drop a smoke bomb in their bunker and hope it disorientates them enough to lose it for a second. Or, you could try this. Shout to them that you have them in your sights and they can surrender now. In a one-on-one paintball game, a surrender is usually as good as a hit. Now obviously they won’t surrender (damn it!) but likewise they certainly wont stick their head out to see where you are immediately, as they’d fear an instant headshot. Alternatively, this might freak them out, leading them to make a dash for it. Either way you can (a) slowly creep up on them whilst they stay covered, or (b) take put-shots at them when they make a run for it.

Shoot to kill

The rules will probably just be standard ‘one shot kill’ stuff, but don’t risk losing it over a technicality. If you get the chance to shoot them, unload hell – though obviously not at close range.

So, that’s our tips on how to win a one on one paintball game. What do you think? In desperate times, strategy is all the more important, as is keeping a level head. With the right moves though and a constant eye kept on your options, there’s no reason why you can’t win, no matter what bolt hole you’re stuck in!

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