HydroTec ready to revolutionise paintball

by michael on March 17, 2011

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HydroTec Paintballs

I’ve mentioned HydroTec before when, back in summer last year they announced that they have created a paintball which is 95 – 98% water. Water? I was naturally sceptical at first, but then industry reports all came back very positive about the relatively new paintball manufacturer. And rightly so, as HydroTec were also the whiz kids behind the simple but genius glow-in-the-dark paintball, and it was in designing these that Paul Ciesiun came up with the water-based idea.

The company launched their water-based paintballs in autumn/winter last year, with a plan to “reinvigorate the industry” and, by the looks of things, they’ve done just that. Now obviously the big deal about creating a paintball predominantly made out of water is that it will wash off easily and create far less mess, but still leave the all important paint splat on impact. However I was a little more excited about the development for an altogether different reason: money.

Paintball’s can be quite expensive, depending on how you buy them and which brand you prefer etc, so surely a paintball that is largely made up of water and water-based ingredients will be far cheaper than the traditional food dye/paint balls currently in use? Perhaps not at first, but you would hope that after a while the price would drop. Here’s hoping!

Anyway, the big selling point of these new paintballs is that they wash out easily, and a big FAQ we get asked is do paintballs wash out? Well, only a few months later, this video has appeared across all the forums and chatrooms.

It wasn’t until watching this video, and hearing HydroTec’s promise that their paintballs biodegrade at a far quicker rate than the usual paintballs, that another advantage suddenly dawned on me. Water-based paintballs = no messy gelatine shells lying around afterwards. Also, at the minute some bits of our game zones are known to get slippy in the rain, as the paint on them mixes with the water and gets a little slidey underfoot. However this wouldn’t happen with a water-based paintball at all, so presumably they’re as good for paintball venues as they are paintball players!

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