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by michael on October 12, 2010

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Paintball Mine

Ever stood on a paintball mine? Trust us, you would know about it if you had.

Seldom seen in scenario paintball but all the rage in American freestyle paintball (basically ‘off-piste’ paintball, where players can play over acres of woodland, lasting hours on end), a paintball mine does pretty much what it says on the tin.

Though your limbs will be perfectly safe, you sure as hell might need a visit to the drycleaners after trodding on one of these sneaky little bits of paintball equipment, as they shoot a gusher of paint up in the air: soaking anything within range.

Lightweight and tiny (think toilet roll tube size), a paintball mine is just the thing for surprising your enemy or better still, laying a trap. They’re pressure activated, so they get pushed (or dug) into the ground (or hit under shrubbery) and, when someone stands on one, a pin pierces the compressed air/CO2 container which in turn spits paint up to 1 m into the air. Simple but gloriously effective!

There are a surprising number of videos on YouTube giving instructions on how to make your own paintball mine, but I wouldn’t recommend it to be honest (sounds inherently stupid), plus most of them are pretty reasonably priced and reusable; so no need to scrimp. There are loads out there on the market, with most of the big paintball makers producing decent mines, but from what we’ve seen, we’d advise you check out the likes of the M80 Landmine for starters.

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