by michael on September 20, 2010

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I’ve chatted about the sort of gear we love here at Bedlam before, but with a bunch of appetite-whetting new paintballing equipment about to be released, I thought I’d give you a little more background info on one of our all-time fave marker brands: Tippmann.

Chances are, if you’ve played paintball you’ve played Tippmann. They’re like the Hoover of vacuum cleaners in the paintball world. Typically, they started by machining replica guns and after various legal difficulties eventually ended up dipping their toes into the paintball market. Using what they knew about pneumatics, Tippmann made the world’s first semi and full-automatic paintball markers. And, as if that wasn’t drool-worthy enough, they made them as durable as an old Soviet tank, as reliable as a can of WD-40 and ridiculously good value to boot. Nice one Mr Tippmann.

Perhaps it’s their military background, I’m not sure, but for some reason Tippmann seem to love the ability to customise. We love this too. In fact, anyone remotely geeky about anything seems to love the flexibility and adaptability that comes from being able to tweak a piece of kit to perfectly suit your needs. From their barrels to their fire-power, Tippmann’s best sellers are superb markers for customising in all manner of way, plus their ‘anti-chop’ technology means far fewer paintballs clogging up in your marker too.

I guess why we love them so much is because anyone, literally anyone, can use a Tippmann. Their functionality is on a par with Google’s homepage and it’s great not having to strip down a marker completely to fix every little niggle. And did I mention they don’t mind bad weather too?

I’ll try and delve into our gear cupboard a little bit more in the near future but to start with, I’m sure you’ll agree, Tippmann seem to have deserved their place in the paintball Hall of Fame.

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