Introducing: one on one paintball

by michael on April 7, 2011

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Would you play a new kind of paintball if it was available?

It’s not a completely ground-breaking, industry-changing new idea, but recently I’ve been thinking that one-on-one paintball could be not only a great game, but also a pretty interesting tournament too. As the name suggests, it would involve just two guys/girls, fighting to the paint-splattered death.

This has been done before loads of course, most frequently in woodsball scenarios, where one person’s on the hunt and the other has to ‘catch’ them. But I’m thinking it would be cool if it was played across a scenario course, rather than straight up woodland, and, the best bit, is that the winner could stay on and defend their title. I’m not really one for individual competition in a regular paintball game, but when it’s done like this it could be really cool.

I’m not quite sure yet how the scoring would work, or what the parameters would be, but I like the idea perhaps winning a number of points for each win and I also quite like the idea of only using a limited number of paintballs per game too: to make it all the more challenging.

This got me thinking about what tactics you would need to use to win a one-on-one paintball battle, and here’s what I think. Let me know your thoughts folks, as I reckon this could be a really exciting game!

1. Stay focussed. You will need your wits about tenfold compared to usual, so keep calm.

2. Use your sense a lot more than usual. Always keep a clear visual on the other guy and rely on your ears for any developments too. This isn’t the time for over-the-top dramatics.

3. Be ruthless. Sometimes in a game you don’t want to waste paint on a 50/50 shot, but in one-on-one paintball take the risk whenever you get it, as it counts for a lot more.

4. Fire and then run. Shoot a few balls at their bunker and then quickly dash to another one. With any luck they won’t see and will think you’re still at the same spot. Do this a few times and you could be right on them before they even know it!

5. If you’re running out of balls though, you’re going to have to let them come to you. But do still try to trick them a little but changing your bunker if possible.

6. Have a lot of guts.

Oh yeah, this hasn’t got anything to do with Hitman (the game or the movie) but I just liked the picture.

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