Introducing two new semi-automatic markers to all Bedlam venues

by michael on March 3, 2011

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Tippmann Bravo One

Got some great news for you folks, we’ve just launched a marker upgrade across all of our Bedlam paintball venues! Up until now we’ve chosen the brilliant Tippmann 98 Custom as our stock marker, as it’s dependable, accurate and easy to use, but now we’ve added two further markers into the fold: so it’s now up to you how much firepower you want when you visit Bedlam.

I’ve written about the Tippman 98 Custom before, so no need to go over its specs again. Here’s the low-down on what you can expect from the Tippmann Bravo One and Tippmann A5 though: the two newest members of the Bedlam family.

Tippmann Bravo One Tactical marker

The Bravo One Tactical marker is Tippmann’s flagship semi-automatic assault rifle style marker. Based on the military-standard M16, the Bravo One features a very cool and very practical six-position collapsible stock: ideal for switching between taking sniper shots from a bunker to full on attack mode.

This marker is a serious upgrade for anyone looking to get an advantage in the field of play. With a built-in sight, this is the perfect choice for consistently clean shots and, thanks to the high performance 11” barrel, the accuracy of this thing is leagues ahead of what most paintball venues can offer. As a fearsome semi-automatic, this marker doesn’t just look the part, it delivers the goods too and is effective for up to 150 feet.

Other cool features include an integrated carry handle, a removable magazine (200 capacity) and, of course, it looks like the absolute mutts nuts.

Tippmann A5 marker

Anyone who’s used our classic 98s will be right at home with the new improved Tippmann A5. It might look compact but this high-performance marker is fast making waves across the paintball industry and is a step up from its 98 Custom cousin. Using Tippmann’s newly patented Cyclone Feed System, the A5 guarantees far smoother and quieter use and as the feed system links to the air supply, players don’t have to worry about their paintballs get chewed up either. Another huge advantage to the A5 is that this internal bit of engineering makes it a superb all-weather marker, no matter how cold or wet it gets.

As a semi-automatic, the A5 is almost unique in its speed of fire power. The feed system and the air supply are entirely connected, so as soon as you pull the trigger a shot fires: if you pull it 15 times a second, you can watch 15 flawless shots soar away no problem.

This is 100% maximum firepower and efficiency in a small, easy to manoeuvre package. A few other cool new designs they integrated into the A5 include: an easy to select safety switch, an ambidextrous grip, a new 8.5” high-performance stone-honed barrel for increased accuracy and reduced noise and all with the usual Tippmann quality and reliability guarantee,

To seriously quicken your game and add speed and stealth to your next paintball experience, make sure to grab one of these.

The next time you visit Bedlam Paintball Edinburgh, Glasgow or Dundee/Aberdeen, look out for our two new markers, both of which are available as an upgrade for an additional £15 for the whole day. There are only a limited number of these markers available though, so it’s first come first served on the day!

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