Is it time you earned some ‘man points’?

by michael on October 22, 2010

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The Hangover

If we believed everything Hollywood threw at us, we’d assume that women loved nothing more than shopping for shoes (Legally Blonde), writing about shoes (Sex & The City) and, uh, losing guys in 10 days. Obviously this isn’t an accurate portrayal of society, but when it comes to films like The Hangover and The A-Team, we can’t help but think maybe they hit the nail on the head.

Us guys do just love going on an adventure, whether that’s a regrettable trip to Vegas, a canyoning weekend in the Scottish Highlands or a Saturday spent dodging your best mate’s attempts at paintballing birthday parties.

We all go on Stag Weekends and birthday parties for our mates, but as guys we don’t really have an alternative to that female haven of the ‘girly night in’. So, without one in sight (who said football at the back?), might we suggest ‘Man Weekends’: get your mates together, pick the most adventurous way to spend the day locally, then hit your favourite establishments afterwards…if they serve food, all the better.

Man Weekends, brought to you by Bedlam.

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