Is Paintball Safe and Does it Hurt?

by Oliver on October 28, 2011

in Paintball Information

For anyone who is relatively new to paintball and wants to try it out, but doesn’t quite know whether or not it hurts, or is actually even safe, this post is for you.

I remember the first time I went to play paintball; that was in Spain, and it was a friend’s birthday. Spain, as you might guess, gets very hot in the summer, and yes, it was summer time.

The paintball place there gave us all the gear we needed, and this included a gun, a helmet that covered our whole face with a plastic shield so we could see through, and a suit. Why the suit? Well, so that the paintballs wouldn’t hit our skin directly. So by now I was already sweating at the idea that I will come out with bruises.

However, once in game, all my worries went away, and I was having so much fun, that the thought of pain didn’t even occur to me until I got hit.

Now listen, paintball hurts a little, yes, and you might get a bruise or two, but it doesn’t hurt hardly as much as you’d think it does. And it’s only a split second. So if you’re ever deciding whether to play paintball and the decision is based on whether you’ll be hurt…go for it! The fun outweighs the little scratch of pain.

As for Bedlam itself – all the gear is there for you anyway. Helmet, suit, gloves, gun, plus little extras are ready to be used. And Bedlam is probably known for its safety; a staff member will show you how to use everything and answer any questions you have.

Keeping safe whilst in game is of course partly your responsibility too. Never ever take off your helmet, as it can get really dangerous when you are shooting around and you suddenly get hit in the face. This may seem like common sense, but trust me, better safe than sorry.

Your team will also be your safe haven, meaning the closer you work together, the higher the chances that you won’t get hit. But remember, getting hit isn’t bad, you can just pop in the next round, and the emotional pain of being out will probably be greater than the physical pain of getting shot ;).

So that’s my take on pain and safety when it comes to paintball. It doesn’t really hurt that much, but people are lying if they say that it doesn’t hurt at all. Expect a sting, and maybe a bruise or two, but nothing more. Now go ahead and play your game of paintball.

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