It could’ve been grizzly…

by michael on August 3, 2010

in Paintball News

Angry looking grizzly bear

So I was just reading a pretty funny news story from Montana, U.S. A popular ski resort called Big Sky thought it would try and cash in on the summer lull by building a brand new paintball facility. Not a bad idea, playing paintball on a mountainside sounds idyllic doesn’t it? Wrong. This particular patch is apparently home to hundreds of black and grizzly bears which, lo and behold, have a insatiable taste for paintballs.

Just a few weeks ago the site’s owners found out the hard way that the thousands of disintegrating paintballs on the ground were attracting bears like bees to honey, and within days the site was swamped with bears who weren’t about to go anywhere. Apparently bears are attracted to anything with petroleum in it and, when you add the gelatine and vegetable oils which paintballs are usually made from, we can see why dinner was served!

So, luckily no one was hurt but it got me thinking, what’s been your all-time greatest paintball experience?

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