It’s just better outdoors, that’s all.

by michael on October 13, 2010

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Paintball outdoors

Is it wrong to even consider indoor paintball?

There are a lot of things I really love about playing paintball, but it wasn’t until I read an article advising people how to start their own indoor paintball company (weird article huh?) that I realised that part of my love of the sport is because it’s played outdoors. I guess paintball doesn’t quite get the ‘outdoors’ tag as obviously as sports such as mountain biking and rock climbing as it’s largely a team sport, rather an ‘extreme’ pursuit. After all, dull games like football and cricket are also played outdoors too.

However, my point is that nothing beats crawling through the undergrowth, diving behind a fallen tree and then taking aim on your opponent – with a few branches in the way too, just to make it a bit more tricky. If all of this was transposed indoors, the result would surely be pretty dull would it not?

I’ve Googled it. It certainly looks pretty dull.

Much like tournament paintball, indoor paintball really just uses great big inflatable’s to break up the game zone – not a burnt out bus or wall of oil barrels in sight. In fact, the only advantage I can think of playing indoor paintball over outdoor paintball is that you won’t get as muddy playing it. However, this is also a big disadvantage to many players (myself included), as where’s the fun in staying clean?

I’d really like to hear from anyone that has played indoor paintball. Did you enjoy it? How does it compare? Why not just play outside?

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