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Jacob Mellis leaves Chelsea after smoke grenade prank…

by Mike on March 21, 2012

in Bedlamonium

Chelsea have parted company with midfielder Jacob Mellis after he admitted setting off a smoke grenade, Mike @Bedlampaintball asks, why would you admit it anyway?


Okay Jacob, we all love a wee prank but why would you admit throwing the smoke grenade? You could have easily of dismissed it as another misfire by Torres…

An insider told Bedlam Paintball that Jacobs smoke grenade tactics were all wrong, leaving his defensive position open to a right good slap from manager Roberto Di Matteo. Jacob obviously didn’t read Andy’s A to Z guide to grenades.

What’s going on with football today, these overpaid sportsmen not expelling enough energy on the pitch?

Lets not even mention Ashley Cole firing off that Air Rifle- accidentally, of course. We’re on Ashley’s side actually, as per paintballing rules the lad on work experience would have had to leave the field, even due to friendly fire!

But we do have something to say on your tactics Ashley, what if that lad also had an Air Rifle? You left yourself wide open (nothing unusual, eh Ashley?). Our advice to you Ashley, read our blog on Snap Shooting.

Football needs a write good shake up in our opinion; I suggest we start by giving all football fans their own Paintball markers to take with them. I mean, who wouldn’t want to paintball Billy Clifford?

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