Just how expensive can a paintball marker get?

by michael on October 25, 2010

in Paintball Gear

Breda M37 8mm Machine Gun

Well, the answer is very. Searching online for any juicy new bits of paintballing equipment or news usually brings up its fair share of gear for sale – or annoying adverts – and instead of just clicking past them, today I actually started looking for a change.

First up on the ‘very small list of extremely expensive markers’ is the WDP Angel G7. WDP released this last year and dubbed it the ‘fastest marker in the world’. Whether that was true or not at the time I don’t know but what I do know is that the $1,500 price tag didn’t put many people off, as the marker apparently sold over 1,000 in it’s first week. Might I also add how slick does this thing look??

However, in terms of sheer firepower, capability and, uh, price, this next beauty wipes the floor with the paltry Angel. Fully custom-made (so you’ll have to speak nicely to them if you want one), the Breda M37 8mm Machine Gun replica by RAP (Real Action Paintball) is a sight to behold. With a fully-automatic paintball feed, a choice of semi or full automatic firing and the tri-stand included, when you pull this hefty 30lb beast out mid-game, you won’t see your opposition for dust. But unfortunately the last laugh may be on you, as it’s not exactly a snip, at five thousand dollars. Ouch and double ouch.

Who else has some nuggets from the mythical gear cupboard than you probably have no chance of ever owning?

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