Kingman Spyder Victor Review

by michael on February 21, 2011

in Paintball Gear

Kingman Spyder Victor

It’s not often we do reviews here on the Bedlam Paintball blog, but part of embracing the whole paintball industry is taking the time to acknowledge when a product or a brand have hit the nail bang on the head. And Kingman have.

The Kingman Group have been in the game since 1992, and wasted no time whatsoever establishing themselves as names to watch, as their first product was a pretty bold pump-action marker. A cool piece of kit certainly, but not to everyone’s tastes, so Kingman then released their first marker ‘proper’, the Spyder. After many reincarnations of the original design, the leading paintball marker manufacturer seem to have gone back to the drawing board for their latest marker, the Spyder Victor, and have created a quality marker aimed at the conscientious paintball beginner.

Cheaper than the rest of their current range by some way, the Victor provides a solid, dependable stock marker that can be customised and modified to suit almost any players’ playing styles. Interestingly though, Kingman haven’t let the low cost interfere too much with their quality standards. The Victor operates a semi-auto action which is fed by their standard straight feed loading system and, like all of their markers, it’s got a two-finger trigger with a regulation trigger guard. It’s always good to see makers helping players out by insisting on safety features like this.

Perhaps the most beneficial features that any newbie will appreciate though are the smaller overall body size and the lighter weight. Kingman say that the new Victor is 15% lighter and 10% shorter than the rest of their .68 calibre range, which means that by using this effectively, your overall playing profile will be reduced; instantly making you a harder target to hit. And the reduced weight won’t be missed either!

On top of this, Spyders are known as being one of the easiest markers on the market to disassemble with minimum fuss. The Victor’s no different, thanks to its ‘tool-free striker plug design’, which means you only need the accompanying allen key to maintain the whole thing. Again like most of the range, the Victor runs just as well on either compressed air or CO2, so that saves a wee bit of hassle too.

All round, a great marker which is well made, easily available and a piece of cake to look after. With some websites selling it for as little as £50, you really can’t go wrong with this one tucked into your gear bag.

One question though: what’s with the silly name? Victor?

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