Let’s all party like it’s 1999!

by michael on September 16, 2010

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Party balloons

Today we have big news! Yeah Edinburgh’s just had a special visit from a certain caped crusader, but what’s got us all excited here at Bedlam HQ is the fact that we’ve almost reached 2000 Facebook fans. Well done you guys and gals, consider this a big thank you to each and every one of you.

Even if you’ve never played paintball before or written on our blog or wall, we’d really like to take this chance to get to know you all a bit better and become real Facebook friends! No doubt most of you are from the UK (Scotland in particular I’d assume) but do we have anyone from further afield? Any Australians, Americans or Icelanders consider themselves Bedlam fans? Let us know where you’re from, be great to start an office ‘Fan Map’, with a red pin in every country we have a Facebook fan.

As I said, I’m sure a lot of you are perhaps new to paintball, or maybe haven’t had the chance to pick up a paintball marker yet. Have you played paintball before though? If so what type? Had the chance to compete, or play woodsball or even join a club?

If you play paintball a lot, let us know; as it would be great to find out who our most dedicated paintball fan is. If Rick from Ohio plays paintball every day of the week (and twice on a Tuesday), we want to be able to congratulate him in person!

And finally folks, before we reach the 2000 mark, tell us this: what’s your all-time favourite paintball experience?

Tell all your friends about Bedlam and help us reach 2000 – there might even be a prize for the 2000th Team Bedlam member.

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