Let’s invent a new paintball game!

by michael on November 18, 2010

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The board game Risk

Morning everybody,

I’ve heard rumours recently that new Bedlam Game Zones are currently in development and it sounds like they could be the best yet, so watch this space for more details as and when I get them. This got me thinking about how new paintball games are created and whether or not a strategic element is always absolutely necessary? I did a little bit of research and found something pretty cool that I wanted to share with you.

Who here remembers playing the board game ‘Risk’? Well, in case you don’t, it’s a war game where 5 Generals battle it out to invade and claim different territories and land for their own army and, obviously, the one with the most wins. There are a lot of pretty detailed rules that are based on genuine military strategy, but the point that interested me is that this entire board game has been reconstructed into a paintball format over in New York at Risk It All.

Thinking about all of the board games I played as a kid, there must be others than lend themselves so perfectly to a paintball make-over. Or perhaps even from a movie plot or childhood game, like Hide ‘n’ Seek only better?

C’mon folks, let’s all come up with a new paintball game!

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