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Love, Honor and Paintball

Splatter: Love, Honor and Paintball

I put the question out there a couple of days ago to see if anyone could think up a decent movie storyline which could involve paintball. Well, little did I know that one was already in the making…and I don’t mean this one.

Splatter: Love, Honor and Paintball is the new film from American writer/director Lonnie Schulyer and, by the looks of the trailer, it comes in somewhere in-between The Wrestler and Little Miss Sunshine; admittedly not comparisons I’d expect to make on a film based around paintball.

The movie tells the story of Jack, one of life’s losers who tries to win back his wife, and the respect of his son, by earning some serious man-points in the paintball field. Alright, I suspect it was made on the archetypal shoe-string budget, but this seems like quite a serious contender in the quirky, cool American love story stakes regardless, and don’t just take my word for it; several film festivals around the world seem to agree.

Not exactly the splatter-fest I imagined, but a good start.