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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mommy Paintballers

Anna @BedlamPaintball comes to your aid as she gives you Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas for Mommy Paintballers.

Mothers’ Day is fast approaching. For those who forgot, it’s on Sunday, May 13th 2012. Have you bought the most important girl in your life her present? If not, flowers can definitely do the trick. However, what if you got an adventurous girl in your life that also goes paintballing with you? Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas for Mommy paintballers:

#1 Paintball Card

mother's day paintballOne common denominator among moms is the fact that they better appreciate things that are custom made. So why not make a special Happy Mother’s Day Paintball Card for her? Simply get a specialty paper, fold it in half, glue a picture of her in paintball action and write your personal message inside the card. You may also use some of the quotes below:

  • You are my best paintball buddy
  • BPS, in my life, doesn’t stand for how many balls per second I shoot. It stands for how many ballers per second we eliminate together
  • You can gas up the marker, do longshots, and dodge paintballs as good as how you cook, do the laundry, and clean the house.. You are one amazing woman!
  • You get far in life with just your smile……but you get much farther with a smile and a gun
  • If your opponent is fast, be faster. If your opponent is strong, be stronger. If your opponent is mean, be meaner. And above all, if your opponent shoots you, call his mom too.

#2 Make a Collage

mother's day gift idea

Gather photos of her playing paintball or photos of you paintballing together. Add short captions to reminisce those moments.

Another idea is to glue photo of her and paste stuff that incorporates paintballing and motherhood. For example, one hand holds a marker, the other hand holds a vacuum cleaner.


#3 Treat her to a game of Paintball

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