N-Dubz take over Bedlam Paintball Glasgow

by michael on April 21, 2011

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N-Dubz at Bedlam Paintball

London hip hop trio N-Dubz took time off from their UK tour to enjoy a heart-pumping day of paintball at Bedlam Paintball Glasgow yesterday (Thursday). The band, who are currently playing to packed out venues every night on their Love. Live. Life tour, chose Bedlam as the ultimate way to unwind from the chaos of two platinum selling albums and a sold out tour.

I’ll post up an interview with a safety marshal who was onsite to look after the band either tomorrow or on Monday, but in the meantime here’s what the group had to say about their visit via their official Twitter page:

Wow!! Wot a day!!! Jus been www.bedlampaintball.co.uk in Glasgow!! All I’m saying is I need a HOT bath!! Asap!! I got 6big bruises! Ouch!!

With THIS picture posted up to show off a pretty serious bruise!

N-Dubz after Bedlam Paintball

Dats jus 1!! I’ve got another 6!!:( that’s 7 in total!! I got sprayed!! I’m not frontin!! Gr8 day!!” said Richard “Fazer” Rawson, the group’s rapper, DJ and producer.

Can’t wait to get some pictures back from their day but, in the meantime, here’s the video for N-Dubz’s latest single ‘Girls’.


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