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by michael on August 16, 2010

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A paintball defender in action

Morning everybody,

So who was playing over the weekend? We got some great weather for it here in Scotland alright! All this blogging about paintball has made me realise that maybe some of you have yet to even pick up your first marker and fire your first shot (shame on me, and you), so I thought I’d give you some essential tips on how to get started in the world of paintball. It’s not as daunting as you might think…

You roughly know what it is, right? An attack and defend game of skill, team work and adrenalin which not only gets your adventure muscles burning, but it’s also a flippin’ great day out to boot. Anyway, so how to make the jump from wannabe paintball player to action hero?

First you need to get a taste for what to expect. Send a Facebook invite round all your mates and get a day booked at your nearest paintball site. There’s loads to choose from these days; but do your research, as the well-established ones usually offer the best gear and best game zones. Game zones are where the action takes place: specially-built sets which are designed and constructed specifically with a theme and purpose in mind, from World War beach landings to zombie apocalypses.

Assuming you have a great time (assuming??), then it’s up to you where you want to take things next. You can keep going back to your favourite site, honing your skills and trying out new strategies each time, or you can develop your own playing style through investing in the right gear for the job. Paintball clubs are slowly but surely cropping up all over the UK now too (used to just be an American thing for some reason), so Google your nearest one and see what the local scene is like.

When it comes to paintballing equipment, you will only need some if you join a club really. A lot of sites will let you bring your own gear, but a lot won’t too, mainly for insurance purposes, but also for safety – as high calibre paintball markers can leave a nasty sting if they catch you unexpectedly. If you do decide to rig yourself up though, always think reliability first and foremost. You don’t want to be in the field when your marker suddenly decides to jam on you. Brands like Tippman offer markers for all levels of player, so try and find one which can maybe be easily upgraded as you start to get better.

Next up is the mask, goggles and gloves. These are essential bits of kit, as safety should be a priority wherever you’re playing. After these though, it’s entirely up to you if you need anything else – like grenades, smoke bombs and even paintball landmines! I’ve talked about basic and advanced paintball strategies before, so do your homework, practise if you can afford the spare paintballs and carve your own niche. We guarantee that, before long, you can be a real Top Gun amongst a field full of Gooses.

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