Never underestimate the importance of batteries

by michael on June 9, 2011

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Paintball batteries: essential

Remember waking up as a kid on Christmas morning and you’d go to open all those 80s toys and, on the side of the boxes, there would be taped a couple of loose batteries; ready for business. These were the life source of whatever Thundercats or Transformers-based action was coming up after the turkey, so to not have would be a disaster.

The same goes for in paintball too.

Most markers used in scenario gaming, like our Tippmann 98 Custom included, rely on batteries to fire paintballs. That might sound like a bit of a pain, especially for a marker which is supposed to run on CO2 or compressed air in order for the balls to fire, right? That is right, but the battery (a single 9v battery usually) has a far more subtle role to play in the mechanism. Not just for toys and smoke alarms, oh no.

Most modern medium to high-end markers have what’s called an electropneumatic firing system, which means that the trigger is attached to a tiny valve mechanism which, when compressed, uses electricity from the batty to open and close the value in a fraction of a second: far faster than would be possible by using compressed air alone – plus it closes it instantly too, allowing you to firing paintballs as quickly as your finger can pull the trigger.

However, if your battery dies or you forget to pack one, then you can forget playing – it’s like not bringing your hopper. I’ve written before about what essentials every paintball player should pack into their kit bag, and it’s safe to say that batteries are definitely an essential.

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